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Club 27: CD

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SIGNED CD Album Club 27 comes from a place of necessity for Ivy Ford. The young musician, releases this album on her very own 27th birthday and although magnifying this bittersweet trend of artists that have shaped our musical playlists even today leaving us too soon, Ford intends on breaking this cycle and closing that chapter of the club. Club 27 is intended to bring light to the diversity of the musical genres. Even though each track is different, every one compliments the album as a whole. Plus Ivy Ford hopes to educate her longtime and new listeners about the timeless music. Club 27 is the first of it's kind for Ivy Ford in the fact that it's a concept album with specific intentions and tones plus it's not solely blues or roots. But it does pay it's respect to the American born genre (blues) with it's opening track, "Keep On Blues," inspired by 27 club starter and known to be the greatest blues performer of all time, Robert Johnson. Then Ford takes us to the era of Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison of The Doors with tunes like, "Ready 2 Die," which visits the sorrowful beauty of iconic artists giving all of themselves to "comfort those with [their own] misery." What is to be suspected of the lives of the 27 Club's members. There's a variety of themes that do include, Ivy Ford's very own personal perspectives as a musician, lover, friend and more. She has never been considered to have relation to the more abrasive genres like rock and grunge, but in "Fine," Ivy embraces the angst and rebellion of Kurt Cobain and his existence of internal forsakenness. Being a listener in the Amy Winehouse era and in close generation to the songstress Ivy Ford brings us to modern day with "Believe What You Heard," which is heavily influenced by Winehouse from the musical arrangement to the way Ford phrases her melody lines.

Club 27 is a complete journey that takes the listeners full circle through Ivy Ford's interpretations of these eternal musicians. Walking into her own 27th year of life, she observes this sorrowful and historical trend but has every intention on denying membership to the club herself; revising it to be a beacon for her to prosper as a musician and entertainer for years to come.

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